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Samsung Galaxy Note Review (T-Mobile)

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1 Samsung Galaxy Note Review (T-Mobile)  Empty Samsung Galaxy Note Review (T-Mobile) Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:10 pm



Hopefully my first smartphone!!!!! XD, and a pen(:

BillyMorriceTV 3 hours ago

I want this damn phone but tmobile service sucks and i dont feel like waiting for note 2

THERATDADDY69 4 days ago

thumbs if you are here because of galaxy note 2

Shamaan321 4 days ago

As An Apple Fanboy I Can Honestly Say Samsung Has Been More Innovative And Has Overtaken Iphone But Apple Isn't Out Of This Race, I Think They Have Something Up Their Sleeve.

Tre' Green 6 days ago

I honestly can't stand the way you review things.

tylerrayy 1 week ago

because the note 2 is coming out

LeGiTiMoSiTy in reply to LaQuione Reese (Show the comment) 1 week ago

Apple is losing money!!!!!haha


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sim vip, tim sim ,sim nam sinh

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