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Việc làm - Rao vặt miễn phí

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Long lasting manicures!

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1Long lasting manicures!  Empty Long lasting manicures! Fri Sep 14, 2012 11:38 am



thats not really a manicure. plus ur cuticles r really dry

Kayla Weiner 4 days ago

You must use a base coat if your using a dark colour and also some brands stain your nails if you dont use one. I used a bright orange by Hot Looks with no base coat and i had yellow nails after for weeks

Allothernamesrgone 3 weeks ago

@WhitoMan90 she's married dumbass

beliebersfever4ever 1 month ago

I buy mine at sally's beauty supply Smile

Alexa Rae in reply to Hannahandthelions (Show the comment) 1 month ago

HA! i was wondering why my nails felt a little dry after using the acetone nail polish remover! Smile life makes so much more sense now! Smile great vid

okglitterbug15 1 month ago

Anyone? How long do you wait for your nails to dry?

jennybo11 2 months ago

I love buying nail polish. I think its an addiction Wink I also love painting my nails sooo much. I find it so much fun to do. Is that weird? Also, where can I buy bond aid from?

Hannahandthelions 4 months ago 4

if you use a routine that dries out your nails, how do you keep your naked nails looking so healthy? i just noticed them Smile please tell us!!

helloalexandraa 4 months ago in playlist More videos from HeyKayli

i use ''soo'' polishes and nail strengtheners and they are perfect!my nails are really good with these on them and the polishes are very good too.highly pigmented and long lasting.

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