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Việc làm - Rao vặt miễn phí

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DIY| Home Manicure

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1DIY| Home Manicure  Empty DIY| Home Manicure Fri Sep 14, 2012 11:46 am



I would love to do my nails as often as you do. How do you find the time to do them every two day? Do you have a set time to do them? A simple question, but I'm looking for ideas.

fabulouslatoya 2 months ago

hey can u come all the way to england me and mum really need a makeover from u

Indigo Love 2 months ago

I did this today thanks for the inspiration :^D

natashwill 3 months ago

Great video!!! Question where do you shop? I love the clothing you sport. It's got a real NYC vibe to it. Btw I just realized your name is sung in the song.

daqueen626 3 months ago

I love your vids and your tips that you give. If I heard correctly you said you like to do your nails every 1-2 days. How do you prevent your nails from turning yellow from leaving polish on. I've noticed this on my toes sometimes when leaving polish on too long and on other youtubers that even redo their nails once a week. I love polish but still want healthy looking nails. Any advice will be helpful! Thanks! :-)

Ambrolysha 3 months ago

I love how you are such a DIY lady! Very resourceful. One question though, what camera are you using because the quality is amazing!

kghbeauty 3 months ago

Hi! What color are your walls??? Your room is so zen!

Manillo 3 months ago

I love that lip color on you. It looks very natural and flattering Smile.

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