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Patchwork Scotch Tape Manicure Tutorial

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1Patchwork Scotch Tape Manicure Tutorial  Empty Patchwork Scotch Tape Manicure Tutorial Fri Sep 14, 2012 11:46 am



Drinking milk, buffing your nails once a month, and using cuticle oil helps

JOECRIP2000 in reply to fuzer1225 (Show the comment) 3 weeks ago

I love your nails :-):-)

FrederikkeH1st 1 month ago

the black is so cool

Olivia Harrington 1 month ago

I just subscribed cuz I think your nail art is super fun super easy and I recently started getting into nail art because my nails are finally long enough.luv ur vids! ;3

musicfanatic10001 1 month ago

i love ur nails

Viky Pin 1 month ago

You also need patiences Razz

ohkay182 2 months ago

I love how detailed you are in the tutorial! Saw this look on a blog & your how to was the first to come up. Did this with pinks & i love it, thanks!!!

naschelle3 2 months ago

Thank you for your wonderful tutorial. I used it for a 4th of July creation I came up with that you can see on my blog.

peacemanor 2 months ago in playlist NAILS

Lov it

loverjones68 2 months ago

LOVE it! & i love the way the matte looks on the black... I wish i had one of those :\ i'm going to try this right now though.. I hope my nails turn out like yours!

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