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Children with cough, without diet of shrimp, crab, chicken

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According to folklore, a cough need to abstain from many things such as crab, shrimp, chicken, vegetables ... but according to doctors, there is no scientific evidence that these foods make your child worse cough.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Lam, National Institute of Nutrition, cough and anorexia may be a special care to make a quick recovery. Cough may be due to many reasons, but the diet for children during this time is very wrong.

Weaker for fasting
Dr Nguyen Tuyet Bone, Head of ENT, Central Hospital, said, coughing is a normal reaction when respiratory tract irritation, such as chemical vapor inhalation of breath, smoke and dust ... or foreign material into the airway, such as choking, aspiration of food, foreign objects get into the nose, itchy nose ... Even the chest with cold water stimulation can also cause coughing.

Pathology, or may be due to asthma, due to bacterial infection or virus. When a child has cough, and may include fever, or vomiting after coughing, wheezing sound ... should take the child to the hospital to diagnose the exact cause and treated promptly. Besides drug therapy, diet to ensure the health of children is also essential to measure children recover quickly.

Dr. Nguyen Van Huong, Vietnam Eastern Medicine Society, with Western medicine, people do not need to diet or anything. Only people with cough due to asthma should avoid foods that cause allergic diseases or particular coughing, asthma attacks generally like eggs, shrimp, crab, fish, milk cows ... If no allergies, no fasting. If the cough treatment with Oriental medicine, the fasting month depending on the drug, the drug. However, the fact that many new physician practice, experience less treatment, medical knowledge of Oriental medicine be limited, patients often require too much diet, including things that are very necessary for the body made many people sick weaker, lose resistance due to lack of nutrients the body.

Let your child eat easily digestible
According to Dr. Lin, as children are sick, coughing, muscle fatigue can easily lead to loss of appetite, eat less or stop eating. If your child is not feeding normally or eat less, your child can eat the meals. Parents need to pay attention, do not cook food than usual diluted because it makes young people more and eat less disadvantaged nutrients. Remains to fat and oil into flour or porridge of children even when children with fever accompanied by diarrhea.

According to folklore, when they should not eat crab, shrimp, chicken ... No scientific evidence to prove these foods cause your child or both. So parents can feel secure as varied meals to children is a change in appetite, eating more and better color.

Children need more water eat, easy to digest, but also full of nutrients such as soup, porridge, milk ... Child should eat foods high in vitamin A, zinc and iron-rich, such as: beef, chicken, eggs, green vegetables, red.

Should limit processed foods as too much fat frying, ... For fish, sometimes children feel fishy, ​​likely to cause vomiting, so she should wait after all patients be fed back.

No child should eat cold food, drinking water, milk cold or too many fatty foods, sweet, and strong. Also children should not eat peanuts, melon seeds, chocolate because it is oily food group, the sputum may increase eating. No child should eat citrus because that body heat, produce more mucus than translation.

Child cough may vomit food just eaten together with more viscous mucus, so before feeding children should drink a few tablespoons of water, then the child lying on his stomach and patted his back no longer sticky mucus to help child standing in the neck. This support helps children eat less coughing and vomiting. Now normally, the child can eat 6 times / day (including dinner and breakfast milk powder), but while the child can cough up 8-10 times / day, eat a little each time, which can measure how about 2 hours for children eat once.

Great for when your child is coughing, crying not force your child to eat, drink, because this job can lead to the child inhaled bronchial food, drinking water, leading to choking, choking and possibly death if not timely emergency.
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