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Việc làm - Rao vặt miễn phí

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Half updo with curls party hairstyle inspired by Kim Kardashian

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What's your favorite way to curl your hair? I'm quite lost with all these techniques... I know all the different results we can obtain with them thanks to your videos, but I just can't decide which one is for me. I have a curling iron that I don't use very often... I like the look and the last of my curls when I use rollers, but I'm tired of sleeping with them. Maybe I should use the soft ones? Do you know a place where I can get some in Paris?...

I'm sorry my english is not really perfect... xo

MsKoopi 1 day ago in playlist More videos from lilithedarkmoon

i love your makeup....can't you do a makeup tutorial?

lullydrama 2 days ago

Thank you for all the great tips and inspiration. Love all your hair style tutorials. And i don't understand why your video has any dislike's... Hmm must be jealous that your so great at hair and prettier then them. Rock on girl. Keep it up

misscherrygirl4ever 3 days ago

Cute, but a little bit girlish I think

YoungDamnedLust 4 days ago

love this look xxx

TheWinx83 6 days ago


cath00629 1 week ago

I would've never guessed those were extensions :O

Darlenax3 1 week ago

How pretty

FrenchEssieNails 1 week ago

Its realy cute , like it !

Lataniaslr 1 week ago

mi piacciono tantissimo i tuoi capelli!!!

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