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Việc làm - Rao vặt miễn phí

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Lilia Stepanova Contortion Americas Got Talent

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The possibilities with this baby girl in bed would be of astronomical proportions.

WatchdogDisciple 3 days ago

Sorry but uh your blushing bride to be ran off with yours truly to the Caribbean.

WatchdogDisciple in reply to Brandon Reegs (Show the comment) 3 days ago

if she did it naked it would of been an instant win the wouldn't even have let the others after her perform.

UnstoppableLuck 4 days ago

I forget when is our wedding date again

Brandon Reegs 4 days ago

she must fuck like a tiger

terrorrname 5 days ago

om nom nom nom 

CSemil 6 days ago

Thank you for the intelegent support on the matter, though I feel I must point out that I am in fact female Wink

Also, I have since seen that she has also auditioned for a few other country's Got Talent competitions and found that her act hasn't changed for them either. As such, kind of sad :s

ReBootFan1 in reply to SpinningDoors (Show the comment) 1 week ago

very pretty

Prof. Rafael Ser Caótico 1 week ago

you wont believe the shit eastern european chicks can do with their bodies

solomonshv in reply to SketsiTHEpetsi (Show the comment) 1 week ago

goo goo ga ga. You sound like a jealous disturbed little child.. you need a dummy in your mouth.

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