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Obsessed 'hell' of southwestern girls

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M. is a southwestern woman who lucky freed herself after marrying a foreign man. In her hometown, My Khanh Commune, Phong Dien District, Can Tho City, she can not forget terrible memories in China.

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M returned home after over one month in China.

"It was a very tough life there. My husband kept all the money and locked me in the house. Life for one day in China is as long as a year in my hometown. Coming home I shouted, hugged my child and cried as I had just been back from the world of the dead," M recalled.

The village of Vietnamese girls in China

Like other girls in Can Tho, who got married to Chinese men, M’s marriage was matched by Ms. Xen Mai, a marriage broker in Ho Chi Minh City. The marriage without love was quickly organized after several days.

M did not marry yet but she had a child of over 1 year old. Still, she decided to find her new prop in foreign land.

All documents and procedures very fulfilled quickly after M agreed to marry that Chinese man. "I did not have to do anything. Ms. Xen Mai organized everything. It took only 2 days to fulfill all the procedures," M said.

Most matchmakers described the prospect of a luxury life if girls marry with Chinese men, who are plantation owners, managing director of big factories in big cities. All the procedures must be done quickly; otherwise the chance will go to other girls.

And so, southwestern girls agree to bet their life by the rotation of scammers.

Going to China, M was devastated at the prospect of her matchmaker had drawn. It's all a lie. According to M, there are 8 Vietnamese girls from the southwestern region in the village of her husband and the number is 23 along the 1km road.

According to M, not only women from the Mekong Delta but also women in the central and northern provinces of Vietnam were also cheated to marry Chinese men.

Each day they dreamed of returning to Vietnam soon. However, once they went there, the way home was full of obstacles, and M. called herself lucky.

Dream to marry foreign men collapses

M’s 1-year-old child with her unmarried husband.

The prospect does not like what the matchmakers described. The real life is a life of "darkness."

M said: "It was very strange! The house had no bathroom, no toilet, just heading up to the mountain. The entire village only had slums. I could not imagine that they could live like that."

Everyday, M’s husband went to the field. He locked M in the house. M’s life was at a deadlock while they could not talk to anyone because of the language difference.

Until now she is still haunted: "It was a very tough life there. My husband kept all the money and locked me in the house. Life for one day in China is as long as a year in my hometown. Coming home I shouted, hugged my child and cried as I had just been back from the world of the dead."

M said that most of Vietnamese women there had a very hard life and all of them wanted to go home soon.

"At first, my husband said he would allow me to return to Vietnam each 3 months but then he said if I’m pregnant, I can visit my family. Next he told me to deliver the child and then to wait when the child grows up… He just promised all the time but he did not allow me to visit home," M. recalled.

Bare hands

After 1 month 3 days in China, M returned to Vietnam. At that time she claimed to commit suicide at her husband’s home because she was unbearable of injustice, oppression of her husband’s family.

She recalled the moment lucky when she met a Vietnamese woman who was fluent in Chinese. She translated to her husband: "If you do not let me go, I will die with your family. You have to buy ticket for me in two days."

M is also very lucky because her younger sister lives in Beijing with her husband and she is fluent in Chinese. This woman called M’s husband to threaten him that: "If you do not let her go home, I will call the embassy to go to your house to solve the case."

Before M left, her husband took all of her luggage, even the sandals she were wearing. "I will leave everything for you," M told her husband. She went home with bare hands.

Finally, M. summarized: “The rich Chinese will never go to Vietnam to get married. Most people who come here to find wives are poor farmers, who have to borrow money for seeking a wife. The cost for marrying a Chinese girl China is higher than for a Vietnamese girl.”

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