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THE SIMPSONS - Homer Votes 2012

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1THE SIMPSONS - Homer Votes 2012  Empty THE SIMPSONS - Homer Votes 2012 Wed Oct 10, 2012 12:52 pm



Stoping all Americans from votin' is for the protection of all Americans!
GaryNerfKid 2 tuần 291
gutmill475 2 tuần 103
I find myself more interested in Homer Simpson than Romney.
JaydenAllOver 2 tuần 1378
Wow, it's totally unlike the Obama/McCain skit from last election!
MrSymphony42 2 tuần 804
You will achieve greatness.
JaydenAllOver trả lời mov88 (Hiển thị nhận xét) 2 tuần 177
That the idea of a supreme being which calls itself our creator is rather ridicules? Because if so then yes, I realize what I’m saying. I mean no offense, you can belief what you like as long as you don’t affect other people’s lives. (I.e. discriminate someone because of religion, race, and sexuality just because your God says it’s wrong)
Valamist trả lời Wheresmycube (Hiển thị nhận xét) 2 tuần 88
Well, there are always 3rd party candidates if neither of the main candidates appeal to you.
Xenu trả lời shadowgoo112 (Hiển thị nhận xét) 2 tuần 126
don't quit. then the ignorants win
MrAwesomenesh trả lời shadowgoo112 (Hiển thị nhận xét) 2 tuần 79
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You got me on the C K. That's a ball buster. Actually, I refuse to watch anything on TV. I read Obama's speeches. I read transcripts. In fact, the media is more in favor of Obama. A whole timeline of events have gone down, and they've been pushed to the side. And, say what you want. Tell me where this country's headed then.
MrAwesomenesh trả lời mov88 (Hiển thị nhận xét) 2 tuần
"Wtf, how does Obama not scare you?"
Well, we start by actually knowing what's going on, and not what the pundits on television tell us. You've obviously been drinking a lot of really strong Koolaid based on this comment:
"This country will be China"
Which, by the way, wins the award for dumbest comment made on Youtube today.
"Obama=C. Marx"
This comment proves that you either know nothing about Obama or nothing about Marx. Good try though. Also, it's K. Marx, not C. Marx.

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