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Launch Trailer - Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Video

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Rebels Platoon 3 hours ago 4

wow...this makes me wana get this game.

xy274 3 hours ago 5

This game is going to be one of the best call of duty games I have played. It's going to be hard to beat black ops though so we will see

Killerytm 3 hours ago 17

I forgot the name of this song. Damn!

MrRezitinas 3 hours ago

I heat when kids say things bad about a game, y don't u make a successful game

legendofgodz 3 hours ago 2

hehe, i ordered the care package edition

petpef in reply to snake26548 (Show the comment) 3 hours ago

well, lets look at CoD4 which was the first (and my opinion best) CoD to include customization of classes. CoD5 came by and copied it, while throwing in zombies. CoD6 came out with pro setups and greater customization, once again Blackops comes out and copies it while throwing in facepaint and gun insignias. Not too inovative really. To be honest, I did not like MW3 at all, and I know it was an "Infinity Ward" game, but realy only half of IW did work on it. Thats my 2 cents.

rltvader in reply to PAYBACKaiw (Show the comment) 3 hours ago

These aren't the best graphics out there, better, but no the best.

Legofreak197 in reply to snake26548 (Show the comment) 3 hours ago

I see people complaining about how there's too much campaign in this trailer when it looks good anyways...

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