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Việc làm - Rao vặt miễn phí

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Young people with movement "discerning night owl"

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"Yesterday formula to 3 hours, wake up ... nosebleeds are still known to stay up so bad that did not give up," which is the founder admin status fanpage "Those who prefer to sleep late."
Young people with movement "discerning night owl" Faces%20in%20a%20circle%20eysf2006

A "night owl"

Facebook now has nearly 20 Assembly briefly about those who prefer to sleep late, placed several different names such as the those who like staying up late, night owl squads ... The common characteristic of these societies is deserted late winter morning.

Assembly members have also recruited by having to roll up at 2 am for 7 consecutive days to join the meeting. Selection of "strict" like that which also has recruited nearly 3,000 members, with numbers fanpage "night owl" has more than 30,000 members.

Le Uyen - school secretary Nguyen Promotion Group (HCM) said: "Many of you go to learn more about the house was 21h, eat, shower and sitting on desks in the new finish. So every morning you are drunk ... ".

There are also several reasons not necessary teen is making "the same way the moon and stars" as you K. Nh enjoy the Nguyen Extension to 3 am for online chat, facebook or watching movies online. Nh. said: "When designing the network, I do not know at all times, so after a drunk, staring at the clock ... all soul."

However, "late is no reason ... reason number 1, of the Assembly by the late exploration. On the fanpage of the late, admin posted this question: "From that time onwards 0gio that almost everyone was asleep and dreaming dreams then.

But we are only just beginning ... Why did you join your congregation? How late you or is it? "Is more than 2/3 style answers:" I sleep late to autism, I can not know what to do ", there you are innocent:" Like the stars form but should know the reason, Li spoke to do? ".

One of the official pictures of the syndrome of young people through the night.

Minh Phuong (former students of Mac Dinh Chi, District 6, HCM City) said: "I love and join squads are a night owl years. It is to sleep before 12am are other members on the face poked chair. His two children tried to encourage each mode. "

Quoc Huy (12T2 high school class of Tan An, Long An), the reason for a rather "strange": "You said his daughter who will be late more deeply and effectively. So I assume that, just taking advantage of studying just talk message to them that you still awake ... "

Hye In the fanpage members of the late and "frank statement": "I sleep late taste. I just love people that stay up late and take with me. "

Cool or what criteria?

As the main one late night admitted very harmful for health. Often resulted in money going the next day. Kha Tu (grade 11 schools Nguyen Promotion) said: "Every time late finish, the next day to their regular class into a state of drowsiness. Eye whisper pants, skin to break. "

Members of the detachment Suri94 night owl said: "The next morning I was driving him to school, then suddenly found face clouds up, falls down the road without noticing. Doctors diagnosed her with a nervous breakdown due to frequent the new formula to 2 am go to bed ".
Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Quang (director TT Inspection psychiatric City) said: "Among patients with mental problems, there are many people with insomnia lasts, or extends active late ".

Do not self-correct because the "virtual artist impressions". (Artwork)

Dr. Quang, biological clocks of humans in general, time to rest most logical from 11 pm - 5 am. Therefore, the need to sleep before and after this time up to the body can restore health, increase immunity best.

Frequent late makes us fall prey to mental decline, depression, body resistance will be reduced flu, gastro ... At night the nervous system needs time to rest, because the day it was highly active to help people work and live. Leisure time should not be less than 6-8 hours / night.
Those who sleep late and then the sympathetic nervous still active. Thus, in the long term nervous system depression, signs of aging such as forgetfulness, not concentrated, easy tension, irritability ... The most common manifestation is the dizziness, headache ...

And yet, lack of sleep will cause blood vessels are always in a state of stress, not enough blood supply to the middle ear, a great influence to the auditory, visual. So, if you always sleep late also lead to hearing and visual acuity decreased again that teen.

If you are studying late to prepare for upcoming exams, please arrange a time to take advantage of an early night or at that time. As for the "discerning night owl" then consider whether you are healthy enough to run the "fad" is how long the night
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