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The book and the basket of coal

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The book and the basket  of coal Book%20club
There is a story that at a farm in remote mountainous, eastern Kentucky, a man who lives with his grandchildren.

Each morning he woke up early to detail are reading. There are books that he read many times, so much worn book, but always charming and well he read one morning that he not forget to read books.

He also imitated his grandson, also try sitting in the everyday. Then one day, he asked him:

- The darling, I also try as he read, but I did not understand anything. Or are there sections you understand, but when you forget your book is right. So what good reading where he read like a regular ...

The man who was pouring coal into the furnace, turned and looked at me and said:

- I take it this coal basket into the river and brought him a basket of light water!

The little boy did as he, even though all the water has flowed out from the basket before he returned home.

Seeing the basket, the man smiled and said:

- The water's all it takes! Maybe next time I'll have to go faster!

Then he told me to return the river to get a basket of water.

This time he tried to run faster, but again, when he arrived home, the basket was empty. Breathlessly, he told him that "basket holds water to impossible", then go get a bucket to draw water. But the old man stopped him:

- He does not want to get a bucket of water. He wanted to take a basket of that country! I can do here, only time I have not tried my best!

Then he told me the river water. At this time, he knew that water can not put into baskets, but he wanted to he found that even though he ran quickly to where water will flow out from the basket before he got home. So the boy to fetch water, to run as fast as, and when about to take his place, the empty basket.

- He saw this - boy said breathlessly - It is useless!

- I think it is useless u ... - The old man said - I tried looking at the basket to see!

He looks at the basket, and the first time, he realized that the basket looked different initial. It is no longer a dirty black coal basket again, which has been washed clean water.

- His grandson, that's what happens when you read books. I can not understand or remember everything, but when I read, the book will change you from within the soul, as water was so clean other coal basket.
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