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Women who eat eggs daily deadly

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Women who eat eggs daily deadly Eat-eggs-for-breakfast-lose-more-weight-new-study-finds
A recent study found that women who ate one or more eggs every day mortality rate than women who ate one or two eggs per week.

In everyday life, eggs are nutritious foods common good for the brain, liver protection, prevent atherosclerosis, cancer prevention and aging effect. However, recent studies found that women who ate one or more eggs per day have higher death rates than women who ate one or two eggs per week.

Tracking surveys show that women who ate an egg each day, the death rate 22% higher than those who eat 1-2 eggs per week (including age, smoking habits, weight body and other factors not considered).

In cooking, boiling an egg is the best way to eat but do not overcook, the egg in boiling water and boil for about 5 to 7 minutes is appropriate, but noted eat slowly, otherwise it will affect the absorption and digestion.

Egg yolk contains 2/3 of daily cholesterol needs.

With fried eggs, the edges are burned, the egg protein will become a low-molecular polymer, the amino acids formed at higher temperatures will turn into toxic substances.

Also, pay attention when eating boiled eggs should not drink tea, because the acid in the tea binds with iron in eggs irritate the stomach, affecting the function of the stomach and digestive tract.

Advice of nutrition experts: Try to eat the yolk

Pregnant women, and mothers during breastfeeding can eat 2-3 eggs a day, but not more. Eggs are good food but should not be cooked too long. Experts point out that eggs are rich in protein foods, if eaten too much can increase your metabolism, but also increases the burden on the kidneys.

In general, older people just pay attention to control cholesterol levels regularly and controlling eating meat and drinking milk, eating an egg a day is appropriate. Try to eat egg yolks, because it contains two thirds of daily cholesterol needed for a healthy adult.
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