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Young "shocking" by spend ... hair freak

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1Young  "shocking" by spend ... hair  freak Empty Young "shocking" by spend ... hair freak Sun Jun 10, 2012 4:08 pm



Young  "shocking" by spend ... hair  freak Funny_hair_style_hand-150x300
Recently, youngsters spend topical fashion wigs. Go out, walk around, partying ... they are both wearing wigs. With many young people, this is changing the image in the eyes of others.

Anyone who caught the image of a city girl with lovely hair on fire, a stylish teen, playing with hair food "rainbow" feel ... it is stunning with normal teen.

In view of the teen, they come with wigs is to find a new face in the party, birthday, walk around or simply want to "shocking" each occurrence. Also for that reason, many exclusive hair fashion, strange, weird throne.

On the forums, the topic is much beauty to his girlfriend hair care, share. In particular, many ladies, ladies are also excited by this subject with their "teeth, the hair is human angle".

Thu Thuy (staff a finance company) share, when you receive a wedding invitation, birthday, felt inferiority, inferiority of his sparse hair. With Water, the second wig is her favorite fashion. Thuy also said many young people prefer to wear a wig as a fashion school in Japan, Korea ...

They put fake hair stylist according to which the "Idol" - actor, singer they love. The actress Erika Toda as Japanese, Sato Takeru ... be the teen was admired.

Wigs sold in many markets popular, Shop.

Contrary to the hidden beauty of the Marine cons, young people today just to wig selection "shocking". The form of horse-style wig, ball, sun moon ... the guy is popular. But the relish with her hair fiery color "hot". They combed through the "supermarket hair" to plot his own hair a unique, strange and accurately.

According to staff of fashion accessories at the Ngoc Ha street (Hanoi), many teens come to ask to buy a wig in accordance with the outfit to show off his powerful friends at parties. Even, they also own a parcel of hair "unique".

Nguyen Thanh Van (personnel carrier for a) sample excited about the wig she had purchased. She has a collection of hair, also the most expensive to 3, 5 million. Van breeze, her hair is bought from Korea, it is a wig made from real hair.

There are many other hair is made of silk, imported goods. Yun also said that every opportunity to play, the party she has always been the focus of attention of people by the hair of a red sun page Choe, yellow, or even seven color hair.

According to the Van, her group of five people, anyone interested in fashion wigs. The team members are "inspired" to see each other how many members, expensive or not?
Ease offensive if ...

According to the understanding of PV, the market selling a wide variety of wigs, hair originating especially Korean, Japanese goods were advertised as beautiful, natural and durable.

In Hanoi, Vietnam ... the ad shop selling wigs hair sample set as desired by customers. Many fashion shop selling wigs ad "please" and specializes in hair design "idols" of customers.

Even more online sales online shop also selling this particular item. Tuan Anh Minh City (HCMC), said that hair is made of several materials nylon, silk and real hair. Wigs made of real hair is quite expensive from 1, 8 million / short hair, from 2.5 to 3 million / long hair (because hair is real buying price 5-7 million / kg ). With the price that Mr. Tuan wigs out then maybe people just play dare "use" ...

According to the ad shop specializing in wigs, wigs now mostly made of plastic, synthetic fibers are produced by modern technology should be very stylish, just like real hair but much cheaper .

A nylon wig currently about 200-370 thousand VND / set, can the team in three consecutive months, there are even the more expensive, time team ... indefinitely. With such soft costs, many teens can change form, convenient, cheap in price only when working with a hair in the salon, do not take care of.

The more hot girl wigs use only "shocking", dominant player is quite another. Aesthetic value is what people always have to serve, with the dominant style of play very offensive and it is considered the Joneses.
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