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The new finding : that old people smell

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1The new finding : that old people smell Empty The new finding : that old people smell Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:27 pm



The new finding : that old people smell Body-odour
Just by smelling body odor can guess your age.
Research by U.S. scientists shows that people can guess the age of each other by smelling body odor.

According to the Center for Research on Mornell senses, without looking at the face, just smell the body, people can get to know other people around you are in middle age, young or elderly. In particular, the elderly most easily recognizable because they smell better smell of secondary and youth groups.

The new finding: that old smell, Africa often - oddly, professional is, shift the world, body odor, age, sensory, fragrance, entitled Age Discrimination

Elderly patients have a more pleasant odor.

Scientists have made in three groups. A group from 12 to 16 years, from 20 to 55 group two and group three from 75 to 95 years old. They wore T-shirts, underwear cloth under the arm during sleep in five consecutive nights. Then researchers cut pads and placed in glass jars.

A separate group of 41 people from 20 to 30 years old to smell the pads on at a time. The results showed that pads of the middle and young adults have more odor of the elderly.

The researchers said that the change in body odor is caused by chemicals that humans emit island combined with the bacteria on the skin. At different ages, the number of bacteria are also different.

Telegraph quoted Dr. Johan Lundstrom, who led the research said, similar to other animals, humans can distinguish age or illness through body odor to select suitable mate.

"Research on long opposed this notion that older people have more odor," said Dr. Johan Lundstrom said.
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