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clean indoor furniture

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With these simple tips, cleaning stains on wooden stick became easy.

Last year is when you start a campaign to clean, refurbish their homes. In it, the church cleaning closet or wardrobe always occupied a lot of time for easy grip wood stains obnoxious, difficult to remove. To clean the stains on the furniture, you can use the following tips:

Lighten layer varnish on wood

Despite being hit Furniture varnish but do not care if long lost cleaning still looks shiny. To get the new look shiny as when you can buy the milk using a wipe on varnish layer, to dry and then dip the brush to get clean water. An outstanding characteristic of the milk is over wood varnish layer the ball hard and you will more than before. But have to keep clean, avoid dairy king, since milk attracts insects such as ants, cockroaches ...

One other common way is to use a popular beer, take a soft absorbent cloth soaked in beer or paraffine oil to rub on the wood surface stains removed a long time. If you use paraffine oil to note that the medium should be wiped dry with cloth back with pine oil often to polish the desired brightness.

Clean the wood varnish is not rated

Want to clean the stain stick on this type of furniture you need a solution prepared as follows: 10g salt 90g + bleach + 1 quart of water. Then, scan the surface layer of this timber, you can use a coconut broom be fit by hand. Wait a while for the salt solution into the timber class, you rinse it with water at once and then wipe dry immediately.

Alternatively, you mix vinegar with water and vinegar ratio ¼ ¾ water. Timber marking up this solution, dilute vinegar solution work long days cleaning the stain is very effective. Next, tea, soft fabric water-repellent characteristics of fresh or green tea a few times to clean, furniture in your home that will light up.

Remove fruit stains from dirty

Suggestion is that you simply mix the flour with rice flour or cooking oil. Mix all ingredients, and beat until well solid consistency, apply to stain and then wipe with clear water. On furniture often appeared stain caused by unintentional such as tea stains, fresh water, oil slicks, ... You let a few drops of cooking oil in white wax, then took them until the wax flowing water blended into the oil. Take this mixture rub the stain, the effect is worth to expect.

Notice how the maintenance of wooden furniture

- Regularly clean the dirt, if living in urban areas it is best you should close down the window to prevent dust contamination spill into your home appliances. Furthermore, should limit sun shine into furniture.

- When cleaning wood, cotton or soft cloth is the most appropriate choice. The stiffer fabric can still be used, but not effectively bring high but also makes you much effort.

- Each month you should use wood cleaner aqueous spray on the in-house supplies of wood. Before wood stain signs, take the initiative polishing, cleaning is a dirty beat most effective.

- Do not wipe the furniture with water by the mere strength of wood is not high. Fear of chemicals that damage the water use map is a false method that could easily damage wood color.

- If the wood is cracked, get thin adhesive liquid mixing fine sawdust, water and mud proof the gaps. Attention to room temperature, too high or low are the cause of cracking the wood.

- When shopping for furniture making furniture in the house, choose one that easy to clean, good material when dealing with chemical stains, the color of it remains unchanged.

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