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because children lack self-made threats

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1because children lack self-made threats Empty because children lack self-made threats Thu Apr 26, 2012 7:48 pm



Each time that Bi (almost 3 years old), kept the rice is just hands down the kitchen Hien, threatened: 'Rat bite into the mouth goes Mouse Bi. Eo oh, rats, and here ... '. Bi just look under my arms, fear, quickly swallowed pieces of rice in the abdomen.

At times I did not listen, not just parents but grandparents old Hien Bi are alternately threatened: "You break away bite foot Bi", "clam chewing the wall there," "He was arrested three Bi come" or " Bi bleeding burning ants go "... Then the grandmother only on corner cabinets, corner kitchen, upstairs or low places, at Bi made her afraid to listen. Then Hien realized what everyone thanks you, such as: "Bi down to the kitchen to get her plastic spoon" or "Bi the other picked up the ball away" ... then he tears wary step back and shook his head: "Bi fear his kidnappers", "Bi afraid of mice" ... and just never heard the request of the mother.


Even during the day, Bi did not dare to take the teddy bear room or go into the kitchen to get something to help her although normal, Bi is very enthusiastic to help his mother, help her.

Ken Cu (3 years old) are very afraid of her junk. Cu and stubbornness against which he should have his or her parents threatened to be: "She put Ken into junk sack, sold to China." Or when Ken was being threatened her grandmother put her in the garbage dump of a house is Ken dimensional collection; threatened to bring Spirit into her home to her neighbors held in the chamber ... Once, my grandmother moved piles of old newspapers and bring to market junk. Ken picked grandmother sent his papers under the table to bring her junk, but Ken timidly hiding in the house, mouth cried: "Ken scared."

Another time, her grandmother told Ken brought little gifts for her donation Spirit neighbors, but she stood outside the door waiting for Ken to certain not only to embrace her inner legs, call scared. Grandmother to lament, "Descendants it boldly, what was wrong, then blows his descendants as the fiddler" ...

Counterproductive to threaten children
Intimidation is "tactics" that grandparents, parents or children apply. The goal is for her to hear, less naughty ... But how to achieve this goal, but their children usually counterproductive, especially in the long run. There she was too frightened by the threats should become timid, not daring to explore confidence surrounding the student has little passive and dependent adults, could not be independent and self employed home ... for fear. Not to mention, many little overly obsessed with psychological disorders may cause trouble sleeping, or dreaming, do not dare to sleep in separate ...

Once restricted to explore around, baby will be limited learning and thinking boldly.

These words are not as intimidating "clam chewing the wall" ... causes children to have misperceptions. Or have her baby has an aversion to junk, garbage or her neighbor, an uncle of ... think they are bad because it harms children and unreliable, it should be avoided. So when good parenting, parents should be flexible, but it could scare children need limits, especially the right to knowledge, such as: "Be sucking long rice susceptible to tooth decay, toothache," "Be yourself to go out easy to get lost, kidnapped "...

It is best in each case, to explain to the baby if the baby at risk. At the same time, you can choose how to distract the baby bear baby listen. Along with that, should encourage them to take the minor home like this - take the other stuff ... medium with little effort. Do not scare the devil, he was three ... in dark places as this, he easily haunted the dark or afraid to step into the dark.
treatment for children

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