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Tip less fishy seafood reduction

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Tip  less fishy seafood reduction Haisan3
Sometimes cleaned fish, marinated in salt and onions, garlic, pepper before storage, but still has a fishy odor. You refer to experience seafood fishy odor after a little push.

Want to remove fish smell (but not only reduce the odor at all this) as a fish, you have to take all the blood in the heart of fish, especially the blood clot in the spine on both sides departed fish or mackerel (which you are deep black), because if not taken all the fish will be very fishy. Then you can wash fish with water with a little wine or white wine in cooking.

When soaked in diluted white wine to soak very fast, then take it out, do not soak directly in the wine.
Shrimp can not smell like fish all that, but if you do not clean, take all the waste near the back of the shrimp and the shrimp on top bead that is not declared. You can also soak the shrimp in water with salt, sugar and a little white wine, shrimp will be less fishy.

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