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Tip delicious grilled seafood

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Tip delicious grilled seafood Haisan2
Summer is a fun time to do the baking dish with seafood, which is the most popular fish. Here are 7 tips for baking delicious and beautiful.

A. Dimensions

If the track less than 2.5 cm thick grilled fish, you can grill directly over charcoal. But if thicker, consider baking them on the sidelines of the kitchen. This way, the inside of the fish can be cooked on the outside are that the fire was not black.

Two. Turn skin side down

When grilling fish, go fish upside down under the skin, exposure to fire. The skin helps the meat, which has soft, will not be broken, while protecting the meat from the fire. But if you want the fire a little meat, and fish can face down a few minutes, then turn right again. After the fish cooked, you can use a shovel to separate meat and skin, leaving the skin of fish on a grill fire.

3. Directly or indirectly?

Bake indirectly when not placed directly over the fire seafood side dish, but to our kitchen. The indirect grilling is used for cooking foods over 25 minutes. Often seafood does not need so much time. However, the indirect grilling can also apply for the tender flesh of seafood, such as fish. When the grill should not flip too much, since this will lengthen the completion time.

4. Color fish

With the kind of white fish, while the middle part of the fish is opaque white fish cooked while fresh meat.

Five. Keep dry

Let dry seafood moderation before being baked or browning, by the dryness of the surface waters will not make them turn brown during processing.

6. Brush oil

Spread a layer of oil or oil coated on the surface of the pot seafood before grilling to keep them burning and sticking to the grill.

7. Baking time

Average baking time is 5 minutes / 1.5 cm, and 8-10 minutes / 2.5 cm. However, the different types of seafood also require different baking time:

Shrimp: 2-4 minutes directly on the fire at high temperatures

Oysters: 3-6 minutes directly on the fire at high temperatures.

Junior: 5-6 minutes directly on the fire at high temperatures. Eliminate those that did not open his mouth.

Chem copy: 8-10 minutes directly on the fire at high temperatures. Do not eat those not open his mouth.
Oysters: 3-5 minutes directly on the fire at high temperatures.

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