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Việc làm - Rao vặt miễn phí

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Cooking banh chung, banh tet medium blue medium plastic

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Cooking banh chung, banh tet medium blue medium plastic Goibanhchung
How to cook cake and banh tet cakes to keep the green for that non-toxic?

To keep green the cake, try the following:

- Use tole pot to boiling. Tole pot also create an alkaline environment inside to keep the green color for the cake.
- When cooking for a few drug targets NaHCO3, and when boiling vegetables for a few drugs to keep the green pepper.

Before a night soaked glutinous rice, water mixed with green leaves galangal

- Some places in Central, before package banh tet, people across the country soaked sticky ash. Ash water is alkaline so after cooking, folds in nine colors and is in gear.

- Use leaves neighbors (galangal) crushed mixed with water just before the package glutinous cake, so cake will have a transparent blue color from the bark to person and has a special scent again.
- Soak sticky rice in pineapple juice 1 to 3 h or lemon juice into the folds before the package, so cake will mature more quickly. But do not soak longer than can be shredded into fine powder.

Dong each ship leaves washed

For banh chung, banh tet must be stylish and delicious meticulous from selecting cards, select order, beans, bread cooked pork to the stage:

- Leaves must be purchased on a wash each leaf over water, then towel wipe each leaf clean. Before the cake was not sure the package over boiling water to kill any germs mold. The number of leaves per cake package must also check the weather, cool it consists of 6 leaves, while it is hot to take 10 sheets to better conservation.

- Rice should be treated thoroughly through dozens of water until the water at all times. This is to wash the fine dust particles go around sticking bran, bread will be sour and long.

Leaves the remaining packages lining the bottom of the pot and around

- When boiling, add extra leaves at the bottom of the pot and around the inside of the pot to the wheel without the fire, besides the leaves also make greener boiling water.

- When cooking time is half the bread must be picked up through the cold water wash, replace the entire cake pan and cook, cake will be green, lace and tasty.

- For cake, when thoroughly cooked to a stage of water pressure, and banh tet, when the fish out, rinse well with cold water and then use both hands for bread rolls.

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