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Tip fresh crab processing

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Summer is the season to eat crab, here are a few tips when preparing fresh crabs

Blue crabs are very popular

Crab blue crab is very popular in summer. It is often long 10-12 cm and bluish color. When buying crab you should ask sellers to buy the right kind of crab and buy fresh map.

Live crabs or frozen crab

If buying crabs for family meals, purchase of fresh life, do not buy frozen crab. If any child should die, leaving not so sorry that trying to cook.

Cryopreservation live crabs

You should be processed when they are fresh crab and the best is when you buy. Crab is very difficult to preserve and they are easy to die. If you do not even get the crab processing to preserve them in a cooler, put in a cool place. You remember the rock down to the bottom of the barrel and a tray or on disk and then to crabs, to avoid directly into the stone crab, it will die. Lid you should reveal a little to get air into the memory block and something not heavy on crab crawled out to be.

Tips on cooking crab

Live as healthy crabs can be very painful and theft, you should wear thick gloves when preparing this dish.

A. Clean the crab

Before cooking, you get crabs from the holding tank, so at room temperature. Wash crabs, as, legs and abdomen.

Two. Skip intestine

Vehicle, separating out tomorrow and put in the belly of the triangle away, remove crab crab and egg bowl. Leaving only the meat and the leg.

3. Crab processing

There are many ways to turn. There are two ways the most common one is fried: fried tamarind crab, fried garlic crab, crab and tomato sauce ... and the second is to cook crab soup, cook the vermicelli or simply steamed crabs you up and eat with salt and chilli.

Whether you are processing crab in any way, remember the simple spices to dishes still taste delicious crab meat have.

And now enjoy crab with small combs

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