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Romance ran out of modern times

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1Romance ran out of modern times Empty Romance ran out of modern times Fri Jun 22, 2012 1:56 pm



Romanticism broke out in France and then spread throughout Europe XVIII and XIX century, indeed, has given women in particular, the two men generally a new aspect of love wonderful, charming, intense .

Even in Europe, the land that people feel very generous today, before the romance, women must be veiled on the street, wearing a dress to wear inside the cage makes the guy want flukes can not pass perimeter of the cage, and then have to wear gloves, socks as writer Stephan Zweig already described, only her parents can see her ankles. Even in some regions even have medieval iron lock faithful sister to wear around your waist, locked her husband, and bring the key to war, many people do not return, not on the key, so wives because they have a blacksmith melted the buckles on the body. More common, are boys, girls are separated from baby to attend the school, the school, school girl, also family people talk about men's sexual woman as well as what obscene, taboo, is not allowed.

But the wind was blowing paddy romantic past, women were wearing short skirts, showing off her slim legs running the show hit the city, welcomes her eyes waiting for the lover and her mouth was open like the petals of natural received his lips as he kisses his mouth hungry bees on the street. Everything from painting, music, sculpture, literature has brought a new face, pure, bright and melting barriers. The peak of the wave victims that is romantic balcony of love where he climbed the wall up with Romeo Juliet love as do the stars fall out the sky. Romanticism and also preparing for the change in the Constitution, the early twentieth century when women gain equal rights, to say it has contributed in no small labor has liberated women of Romanticism .

Romanticism beautiful, but in a market economy and production line technology today, many people worry that pragmatism was overwhelming romance of love, only then, is where the moon stars, the wind whispered, spoiled pollen obsessive, all as provided both the money as a manifesto of their money, "There is money honey".

We try to compare, the lovers of the romantic and lovers of modern times @. Formerly lead couples vacationing together, they watch the moon together, listening to the surf murmuring, whispering to each other the words and the sounds of waves, watching his eyes melted together with the moon. These days, the beach and saw a multitude of men, and she sat there, they do not look, do not hear anything that draws each mobile phone, he then occupied electronic puzzle game, she is prepared to believe all this other message sent to you at home. The pragmatic modern language that is foolish results. How many people have to give money, go to the beach thousands of kilometers away, so that they do not enjoy the beauty without any purchase price, the parties withdrew their phones out, play the game without must also be played out. It's wasteful and lacking computation is!

How about yet, is the night when his wife had knee against each hamlet adjacent cheek, her husband sneaked up immediately, into the other room to draw a laptop, beginning to find adventure, love fantasy pieces, which she is the sample, the other is her dancers, she was a beauty queen, she received the blandishments of us faster than the machine, she noticed the waste of talent and cuteness faster than our power ... The wife also much less, her husband has to go immediately to the right heading up the next room, was looking for a keyboard and hand movements were launched just a few screen knight numerous attractions, theater artist from silver to the wife of growth, all available to a question on his mouth, "he can not live without you." In China recently, it was the computer, sometimes give each other a lot, just because online erotic adventure.

Implemented on say anything? That is, even the most modern machinery thoiu still lull people into a virtual romance. He married her husband, were released to solution-worn blanket of marriage to one side, to find the starry sky of love on the net. It could be called "virtual romance." Since there is no romantic elements in life, where people are forced to look to "virtual revolution" of the machines.

In life, because with something romantic? That is, men say, is incense powder, alcohol, lack of things that life really boring to do. One such writer was: What excess in life that is the functional beauty brought. Suppose, a collar there, it's nice because it's extra shirt out, then the children paint, the curved roof, the carving of a building, they are beautiful because they are excess, non-edible flowers it is also beauty "ministry", every culture, stupid hat, long coat things in life are "redundant" to bring beauty. So if the love is only fit the ever pragmatic it can bring beauty?

Whitman the poet wrote:

"He and I do not penniless
Still buy the fragrance of the earth. "

It was bought not for aroma potential by which the desire of the soul from within. Why the sky is there, but watching eyes do not know, why heaven is present. Love beauty but also in life if my heart to the pragmatic cloud cover, the piece of the moon where romance can appear and the marriage bed made of wood, not a paradise thai passenger carrying natural realm of the infinite self-love.

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