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What is a healthy diet ?

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Distinguish what is good nutrition and what is bad nutrition is critical to good health you have a meal from the usual.

Eating selective

These simple changes in food choices or dietary science can give us an abundant health, a healthy life and longevity.

A. Protein

Protein Benefits: Provides amino acids essential for structure and process of "remodeling" of tissue (like muscles, skin, hair and nails). Themselves of this protein in cholesterol and saturated fats (fats harmful to health) is very low. Supply mainly from salmon, beans, products made from soy, nuts (sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds), fruit (plum or almond) and peanut butter.

Protein damage: In contrast to the beneficial protein, in that they contain saturated fat, high cholesterol. Often, this protein is found in meats, sausages or sausage bone. Although they can still provide the essential amino acids your body, then in addition they can also clog arteries and damage to the immune system of the body.

Two. Fat

Healthy fats: Power supply is mainly from vegetable oils such as olive oil, peanut oil, soybean oil ... These fats actively involved in the absorption of vitamins, antioxidants.

Harmful fats: are trans fats (fats found in butter cream also). If you "load" a large amount of fat on the body, they will cause you trouble, such as you are at risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and obesity.

3. Sugar

Sugars benefits: There are many of the foods such as broccoli, squash, green vegetables (leafy types), beans and fruits. This is not processed sugars. They help reduce cholesterol, stimulate digestion and adjust blood sugar and insulin.

Sugar is bad: As the refined sugars, is found in candies, milk sugar, soft drinks. If eating more will increase your blood sugar, are at risk of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure.

Eat nutritious food, rich in antioxidants and fiber will help your body can fight disease, improve health status.

To comply with five basic principles

Here are 5 ways to get healthy diet:

- Select vegetables: Eat those vegetables that contain vitamins A, C, B2, and contains more calcium and potassium.

- Eat rice instead of white rice mixed: Because of mixed rice contains more vitamin B2 white rice. Digestion of rice white rice mixed more slowly so you feel full longer.

- Drink green tea or herbal tea buds instead of soda or regular soft drinks. It has been shown that in the tea contains many antioxidants, and low sugar content, giving health benefits.

- The cream contains more milk with soy milk and sugar: Because soy milk contains absolutely no cholesterol harmful to health, especially to help ease the body absorb calcium, vitamin D, B6, omega 3 fatty acids.

- Instead of eating ice cream, eat fresh fruit, for dessert: Because fruit contains more fiber, and vitamins that do not contain harmful fat.

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