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Strange secrets on land on the Moon

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Because the nanoparticles inside the glass bubble created by the meteorite on the Moon, in this land have unusual properties such as hovering or very low thermal conductivity.
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This finding has been Zbik scientists Marek Queensland University of Technology (QUT - Australia) and the team announced.

Close of land on the Moon there are bubbles containing nanoparticles makes it extremely strange properties
When the astronauts of Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, they found that the layers of dust on the moon in a state of real estate for millennia. But when they are disturbed, no matter the gravity on the Moon are weak, this dust layer hovering over the lunar surface for a long, clinging to clothing and equipment as their glue can be applied.

In addition, the land here is also capable of withstanding temperatures up to 160oC on the lunar surface during the day, and -40 ° C only a few meters below the surface.

Unusual properties of this soil has not been explained thoroughly until Dr. Marek Zbik study it under a microscope nano, not a technology appears during the race into space before.

Dr. Zbik, scientists have long noticed strange properties of lunar soil. However, they do not pay much attention to the nanoparticles are found in soil, which was kept in the glass bubble due to meteorite impacts on the Moon continuously generated.

According to DailyMail, Dr. Zbik was studied using the technology of nanomaterials, nano is a projection method based on accelerated electron radiation can show 3D images of nanoparticles. He said instead of gas or vapor inside the bubble as seen in the Earth, the glass bubble of the Moon to be filled with a honeycomb network of nano particles of glass.

Zbik said: "Maybe these particles formed inside the bubbles from the rocks melt when the meteorite bombardment of the lunar surface. Then they will be releasing the external environment when the glass bubble is continued to be the lunar meteorite fell destruction. "

He explains, these nanoparticles operate under rules of quantum physics, radically different than conventional physical. He said: "These nanoparticles are released from the glass and bubbles associated with lunar soil makes the soil has unusual properties."

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