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Funny Cat and Dog Clips

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1Funny Cat and Dog Clips  Empty Funny Cat and Dog Clips Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:19 am



i'm cryin of laughter like if u are to

wwbbygo 2 months ago

my cats in this video

supahnubz 3 months ago

this is really awesome 

hardiknegi 4 months ago

funny video. makes me LOL!!!!!!!!

theleahchristian 5 months ago

the cat clips are funny

Adam98901 6 months ago

Can someone tell me what that stance is called? 0:50

XeenWoozy 7 months ago

were the dog

you copy this from my friend

were the dog

courtney2166264 10 months ago

hahahhahahaha 0:40 pause there sooooo funny

James Brooks 11 months ago

realy funny vidios

chris1125ful 11 months ago

its funny when you realize that the epiphany of your existence is being a 30 yr old male sat naked in the dark watching videos of cats on youtube

e4rthw0rm 11 months ago

my small dog always scares big dogs xD like 2:41

zuzia727 1 year ago

sooooo hilarious did the cat with the toaster get hurt?

hochipochiable 1 year ago

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WeLiveToComment 1 year ago

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Author withheld

funny i think i've seen some of these clips before

TYbeaniebabyAlvin 1 year ago

i saw this same exact video with somebody else s name on a different channel

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