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Funny cat vs Funny dog - Love each other?

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he cat hates the dog u idiot get that dog away from that cat u bitch

SpartanLaserCanon 2 months ago

love from none of them the dog is showing dominace and the cat doesnt like it

WoLf16598 2 months ago

Im the 374480th viewer

EvilLoydMan 2 months ago

I can Picture it like this

Dog: Can we be friends? -chews ear-

Cat: NO! Why would I be aqquantances with a -shudder- Dog! Pepostrous! GET AWAY FROM ME!

prien12 2 months ago


jansku138 3 months ago

@DeAdAiM7316 You not funny and the CAT is the best and they can bit dogs so go fuck yourself!!!ha

uberhaxornovaization 3 months ago

aww i was hoping that dog would had bit that cats head off

DeAdAiM7316 3 months ago

Only dog love

cheeser95cesar 3 months ago

No love from cat

nope no love from the cat but its quiet nice anyway

Karolin66 3 months ago

I hate cats that dog should have hit it of the chair

AnimationKid103 4 months ago

Wow gay dog

shadowcoud1997 4 months ago

I loves cats very much Wink))))

Pingvini S Madagaskara 4 months ago

looks like there having a go :L

patrick byrne 4 months ago

reminds me of men and women!

scotch7305 5 months ago

Its like this:Dog:I love you my kitty!Cat:Stop bitting my ear!Dog:But I.....Cat:(Cat interrupts)Shut Up!

matixmarie 5 months ago

Dog:"hey.. hey.. cat... come closer.. I wanna whisper you something... I'm gonna murder all your family if you don't lemme bite ya ear :3"!

Dragon456345 5 months ago

Smile))) funny

ani anisoara 7 months ago

kitty cat dont likes when someone touchs him RazzVery Happy LOL

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