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Funny Cats vs. Funny Dogs

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1Funny Cats vs. Funny Dogs  Empty Funny Cats vs. Funny Dogs Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:28 am



CATS! They are actually smarter than dogs according to anmial statistics.. Js

glitterglue213 4 days ago

I don't get it. Why does youtube make such a fuss about cats? Cats are souless creatures that only care about you when they're hungry. They kill other small animals for amusement. They piss everywhere. They shit everywhere. They whine. And then they fuck off for a few hours, only to come back looking for food again. In my opinion, dogs are better. Sure, they can't climb walls. And sure, some dogs can be a bit dumb. But you can't find anything as loyal and protective as a family dog.

YouSoundBored 6 days ago

what's the second song?it's so good! Very Happy

TheHappiestGirl100 1 week ago

chudáci pejsci teda jenom někteří

simonka ha 1 week ago


Goodnightkiss34 1 week ago

dogs are better than cats jkjk i like them both they were funny

daniel mora 2 weeks ago

cats spazz over everything

CloudWatcher5353 2 weeks ago

Hey still a better love story than Twilight

if cats were the size of dogs, we wouldent be able to keep them. thats why moutain lions are dangerous

MegaChallanger 3 weeks ago

i dont know, cats are probably funnier because theyre so stupid.

but in a practical way dogs are waaay better.

dogs help handicapped people, the police, the fire, can find people in the mountains.

cats arent good for anything.

plus dogs are more fun to play with and theyre loyal, cats can suddenly attack their owners even if they have known them for years. dogs almost never do that

tastymuffin1 3 weeks ago

druga piosenka to BOB SINCLAR & FIREBALL - What I want

Filip Madeła 4 weeks ago in playlist Liked videos

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Author withheld


Filip Madeła 4 weeks ago

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Author withheld

the dogs are cute Very Happy but the cats are funnier coz they are stupid

gabriela galinski 4 weeks ago

This was a funny video and hope they find more hilarious vids!

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