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[Funny] Dog Agility Course Fail

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1[Funny] Dog Agility Course Fail  Empty [Funny] Dog Agility Course Fail Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:30 am



Same thing happened to me in the gym.

Thatguywesawlastnigh 6 months ago 23

Yes let's censor the shit, because none of us should ever have to see something so horrific... lol

SGTBizarro 6 months ago 10

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X marks the spot

sonant02 1 week ago

what breed is this?

YoSoyMaddie 1 week ago

Lol I ''know'' the handler

bckennels 2 weeks ago

but why do you sensor a dog thats already naked?

shobin05 3 weeks ago 2

THAT BITCH! A dogs got to do what a dogs got to Doodoo.

And she was doing such a amazing run too!

slyfoxyandalifesaver 3 weeks ago


jshfnatsh 1 month ago

Thank god they censored the pile! I would never have been the same if I saw dog crap.

Sunburn2007 1 month ago


TrishaJianEmo 1 month ago


panyapful 1 month ago

Dogs got to do what dogs gotta do

Mmmmm, poor dog. Let him do his thing.

Tinkme27 2 months ago

owner shud b doing this. not dog

ssips720 2 months ago

It's hardly a stupid dog when it competed in champ classes, every dog does this at some point so it hardly makes it stupid.

YKCleanne in reply to paulina medina (Show the comment) 2 months ago

i actually feel pretty sorry for the lady. The dog just needed to drop a few... she should have prepared for that before the agility thing.

Julia robinson 2 months ago

what a shitty finish

AnimefreakBL9636 3 months ago 3

This has been flagged as spam show

ciganoid 3 months ago

Poor handler, to happen at this level. But it's quite funny xD

23Nellie1 3 months ago


AZWification 3 months ago 2

Still cute! Ha! He seems so happy after his poodie. Smile)

bibi14930 3 months ago

who gives a shit? well, apparently this dog

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