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KYOTO - CRUISE 2010[京都]

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1KYOTO - CRUISE 2010[京都]  Empty KYOTO - CRUISE 2010[京都] Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:53 am




naimerror 2 days ago

What does Japan's history have to do with the video?

RueDrop 6 days ago

That doesn't explain the nanking massacre

mout12 in reply to MPSESRA (Show the comment) 2 weeks ago

just go! Smile

hcwhiskey in reply to brazodemercedes (Show the comment) 2 weeks ago

Have you forget that reason why Japan attacked was because of United States embargo against Japan.

MPSESRA in reply to mout12 (Show the comment) 2 weeks ago

I do not believe in previous life's though i do believe that the reason i was born in another country was to work hard to achieve my goal to live in Kyoto ~

ThePureWind 3 weeks ago

Kioto is so beautiful city! I love your video! Thank you about it.

VioletEyedViolence 1 month ago

so amazingggggggg

jbago886 1 month ago

actually being a history major, i find Japan and England as the most interesting. no, i don't enjoy the wars and the evil deeds in it. but any victory won for the good of their people at that era or period.

brazodemercedes 1 month ago

You're that type of kid......

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