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Trip to Kyoto - Part One: Kimono Rental

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1Trip to Kyoto - Part One: Kimono Rental  Empty Trip to Kyoto - Part One: Kimono Rental Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:54 am



Nice video!I'm Japanese and I'm planing to go to Kyoto this November !

I know these rental kimono,I'd like to wear it in Kyoto. However,until I found your video,I thought "how visitors wear kimono in winter or autumn? because the weather is cold..."

Now I found the answer ♪( ´▽`)

Thanks for uploading!!!

kome214 6 days ago

Kawaii desu sanku

Kyla Lopez 1 month ago

Your wife is japanese? awesome ^ ^

Alya E.R.H.A 1 month ago

We love this video's! My daughter (9) just got herself a kimono and a "Obi" and is having a lecture about Japan. Her aunt travelled Japan by bike and had beautiful pictures and stories.

To see your video makes us wanting to come over!

Thank you KurtEmily and Yumiko!

UschiBarb 2 months ago

nice video...!!

aiueoman1000 3 months ago

They look so beautiful in their kimonos awww you're a lucky guy. Smile

missladylove100 3 months ago






P.S. 結構です。私の日本語も悪いですね。頑張りましょう!

310BPM in reply to nyanko190 (Show the comment) 3 months ago

No problem. Japanese We will welcome you. I wear a kimono foreigners are happy that for the Japanese. Foreign tourists are using the rental of the kimono. Please come to Japan means. Sorry for bad English

nyanko190 in reply to 310BPM (Show the comment) 3 months ago

... Eh?

MusicAmidstTheTrees in reply to crazyforcarmel12407 (Show the comment) 4 months ago

are you still in japan after the 311 tsumami?

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