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Việc làm - Rao vặt miễn phí

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Trip to Kyoto - Part Two: Pickle Restaurant

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I would hope that such a restaurant in Kyoto would use traditional pickling techniques. Unfortunately, these days in Japan, almost every prepared food contains MSG (ajinomoto, amino san or glutamin san natorium). It is such a shame that this chemical toxin has become so ubiquitous here.

AspartameSUCKS 2 months ago

Oh man, I wouldn't know where to begin with that buffet.

RoMayDrako 3 months ago

Neat how a lot of the stuff has pictures of what's in it....

OriginalAkivara 6 months ago

That tea cup with lid/cover which works to straining tea leaves is called in Japan as "HO-HEI" but rather very rare to see. Well, it's in Kyoto, they would use such a good interesting item. You may find a few kinds/sizes HO-HEI at the ceramic/china/tea shops, Japan, but rare. Chinese store in other countries who carry ceramics might have them but not like the one in the video. I'd like to have the one in the video, but possible made for that restaurant.

Satoru Yagi in reply to dakoata121212 (Show the comment) 7 months ago

Just goes to show that almost any vegetable can be pickled to tasty sour heaven.

YoutuJ3eJ3lows 9 months ago

Oh man ,japan is such a lovely place. i cant stop praising it ! and thanks a million by letting us into your life in japan !

xfaithfaith 10 months ago

what do you call that kind of ocha brewing cup with the lid that acts as a strainer? i would love to buy one!

dakoata121212 11 months ago

Can't wait to go to Kyoto next year.

Keichan2501 1 year ago

I love umeboshi too. When i was younger, my brother tricked me and i popped the whole thing into my mouth. So sour and salty at the same time. Now i know better. My grandmother was born in kyushuu.

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