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Mckayla Maroney and Aly Raisman Injured in Ontario, Ca

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How come the whole arena looked like a Vegas style strip club?

Kwan Wah Lui 9 minutes ago

People are pissed because the conditions were so unsafe. Concrete floors with no podium and not enough mats and super shitty lighting. Plus not only does McKayla kinda suck at bars, but she was already injured. She had a fractured fibula, which might have contributed to the wonky landing. So now not only is the fibula fractured, but the tibia on the same leg is fractured too. This whole mess was completely avoidable, and many in the gym community feel that this could be the end of her career.

NatRod in reply to tweetybird234 (Show the comment) 1 hour ago

Never listen to Beyonce while doing anything Case in Point

toledosan 1 hour ago

I blame that set of uneven bars. just me...

MusicalHC 2 hours ago

I agree. However this does give them money reunites them and puts them in the spotlight again. From what i see the performance looks bland and boring and the stands are deserted. Only people who came are the ones to see the stars or are into that kind of stuff. However if i where in that situation i would train as hard as i could and not worry about anything except for my career.

magicjj7 in reply to serendipitousteph (Show the comment) 2 hours ago

Especially with the distractions from the spotlights and it made gymnasts looked like a circus performer.

Kwan Wah Lui in reply to 3Dgymnast14 (Show the comment) 3 hours ago

ha ha ha. despite the broke leg, maroney is not impressed

EverLivingWriter 3 hours ago

this is really dangerous..

3Dgymnast14 3 hours ago

I don't get why people bash the Kellogg's Tour. We've all seen their actual routines whether it's from Worlds, Nationals, the Olympics, etc. This is just a chance for people to see them getting to have some more fun without all the pressure of competition!

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