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Samsung Galaxy Note II vs Samsung Galaxy S III

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Damn... Before I'd always get a white phone, but that titanium looks sexy... Making it a hard choice when I upgrade my note lol

SkyeBTCH 59 minutes ago

WTF did I just read? A smartphone will only be as smart as its owner.

98luk45 in reply to sonnygreeks (Show the comment) 2 hours ago

Big bang!

TheStaniel11 2 hours ago

I guess the hierarchy goes: smartphone -> superphone -> hyperphone -> megaphone ?

ExtremeAntiTheist 7 hours ago

Nope, Note 2 has 1.6 Ghz quad core processor with 2 GB ram

iApocalyptic in reply to pingopong (Show the comment) 9 hours ago


1070ebubekir in reply to R3ALQUICKSC0P3 (Show the comment) 10 hours ago

I noticed in the video that the screen on the Note 2 seemed brighter and didn't show the flicker that you saw on the S3. Why is that? Resolution issue or video encoding issue? Or something else entirely?

integrityplumbing7 10 hours ago

HD means it is 1280x720 in Samsung lingo, so yes, it is a HD Super Amoled screen

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