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Việc làm - Rao vặt miễn phí

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DIY: Easy At-Home Manicure

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1DIY: Easy At-Home Manicure  Empty DIY: Easy At-Home Manicure Fri Sep 14, 2012 11:44 am




Since I started volunteering at my local salon it has been great and I've learned so much! I can now do my nails quite well myself and it's such a great feeling knowing you can save all that money doing your own nails and not have to rely on a salon. I also get my haircut for free every 2 weeks (I'm a guy) and I appreciate it a lot! Thanks everyone at the salon where I work I appreciate it lots Smile

2009pepperonipizza 1 month ago

thx so much you always help so much

Bryana Arthur in reply to GlamMeUp8 (Show the comment) 1 month ago

can u do a vid on how to completely change myself and one on how to have a perfect room and btw i love u and your vids:)

Bryana Arthur 1 month ago

at 4:00 there were chills going down my spine...

DarlingDazzle 1 month ago

great video

scarlett25251 4 months ago

When filing your nails you should always file in just one direction. This prevents your nails from becoming weak.Love the video!

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