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Sweating neck, or startling lack of vitamin D

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Visit Center nutrition advice (National Institute of Nutrition), many parents are not upset that the deep sleep, or startled. Combined with her hair loss after a round neck (hair loss as a white contour), or sweating at the neck theft ... the observed head, face, arms legs, your doctor will be right diagnosis is the lack of vitamin D.

According to Dr. Nguyen Thi Lam (Deputy Director of the National Institute of Nutrition), the characteristics of weather and climate in Vietnam, mostly born in winter were deficient in vitamin D. She often vitamin D deficiency is characterized by sweating or neck, startled even when there is no loud noise. Just as startling or so baby will not sleep deeply. Because of her neck sweating was also susceptible to cold and sick.

Many parents think babies or startled by the nervous system fledgling should use a pillow block and be quiet when I sleep. But the problem even keep quiet, she is startled and sweating or theft. Extremely simple methods to treat vitamin D supplements are taken orally.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Lam said that during her vitamin D level (need to add the right), you can use the solution Aquadetrim 4 drops per day, less direct (or water or milk) Fertilizer Feeding in the morning for 2 weeks. After that time, every day just for her use 2 drops is enough.

Besides the addition of vitamin D, needed for her advantage when sunbathing sunny weather. Ma. Le Thi Hai (Center Director in consultation with nutrition, National Nutrition Institute) advice, the sun needs to be done before 9 am, every day for 15-20 minutes, bathed in sheltered places; should lift pants baby to dress up into the sunlight. Some families sunbathing baby but the baby covered in layers of clothing is not effective. treatment for children - safe fruits

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