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The young man of Vietnamese origin are honoring Obama

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The young man  of Vietnamese origin are honoring Obama Chang-trai-goc-viet-duoc-tong-thong-my-obama-vinh-danh_0
The young man of Vietnamese origin, Thach "Tak" Nguyen is one of five young leaders was U.S. President Obama personally awarded the title of Champions of Change at the White House.

The young man of Vietnamese origin honored

About 6 months ago, Champions of Change program Campus Challenge, a part of a plan called Winning the Future initiative by U.S. President Obama initiated, was officially launched.

After experts review and evaluation, 15 individuals with outstanding project was announced and his personally selected 5 people face the most typical program based on criteria provided.
And on 15/3 (local time), man of Vietnamese origin, Thach "Tak" Nguyen has officially become one of five young leaders honored "Champions of Change" and have the honor to meet President Obama in White House.

Speaking at a ceremony honoring President Obama said: "The young always been a pioneer in the movement for change. I am extremely proud of these students and schools that they have done work to help communities across America. I hope the good example will create inspiration for all Americans together to help build a sustainable America. "

Not only in the presence of President Obama that he alumni University of California - Los Angeles with four others (Ted Gonder, Julia Lyon, Ryan and Grace Harb Philipp) will have the opportunity to introduce the project and its mtvU channel MTV Act.

Reportedly, Thach "Tak" Nguyen success with projects to support homeless people called "Swipes for the homeless". In this project, alongside co-founder role, he was concurrently chief financial officer position.

Not only be appreciated in their ability to perform activities of the project that Tak Thach Nguyen "scored" by communication skills and support the future leaders of the group. Besides the ongoing projects, the boy was involved in a project management group of the top 50 leading U.S. business magazine Fortune voted as The Walt Disney Company and Target Corporation.
White House's website to enroll Tak Thach Nguyen, along with the young leaders honored the other.

Successful project called "Swipes for the homeless"

Each moved to America at an early age, Tak Thach Nguyen said he sympathizes with these early difficulties in social self-class families did not abundance of labor.

The support of the family, especially her parents advice, opportunities today is the result of the sacrifices of previous generations, Tak Thach Nguyen, along with some friends founded the non-profit organization profit "Swipes for the homeless" at the University of California - Los Angeles in 2009 to help the homeless community is growing.

With a fairly simple form, called the SV in the remaining unused food cards donated to "Swipes for homeless" and the organization will change to a meal card, brought to the shelters for the homeless.

The results of more than 20,000 meals were brought to those who live on pavements and alone in the nearest past semester, 7,421 meals were supported.
Portrait co-founder of "Swipes for homeless": Thach Nguyen Tak.

Not stopping there, two years after its inception, "Swipes for homeless" has become a non-profit organization and replication model to many universities, colleges across the United States as the University of Southern California, UC Berkeley, Texas State University-San Marcos and began to be deployed in some European countries like France.
According to experts, and self assessment Nguyen Thach Tak, the success of the project is not just a meal for helping the homeless, the direct impact on the community but also the way education and awareness for students help them become more aware of society around him.
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