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Tip seafood processing

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Tip seafood processing Haisan
Do you know choose to cook with fish and sweet, keep the crabs live or know how to remove the smell of seafood? XinhXinh some easy tips to help you more seafood processing.

Sweet to cook fish processing, cooking does not take much time, ladled out a bowl of soup colorful visual stimulus and taste. The fish is usually cooked and sweet mackerel, mullet, frozen fish cheerfully, personal banking, grain painted fish, fish friends, snapper, fish, floral, fish list, he based fish, Crucian carp ...

Each type of fish make different flavors. Sea fish is always cooked and sweet flavor of fresh water fish. If there is no discus conditions of purchase, you can replace it with pangasius, red snapper ...

To pick a delicious crab please click lovingly hand, if the disk is much crab meat. You can try by looking at more of it sticks, if that is succulent crab sponge, not good.

Observe crab

Want to keep live crabs purchased should be maintained in coolers, placed in a cool place. Remember to leave a stone at the bottom of the barrel and up to the plate or tray and then to crabs. Because if exposed to ice crabs, crab will die by the seller or called anesthesia.

Use lemon fishy odor

The desire to eliminate the fishy seafood should use substances such as lemon sour, contracts, tamarind, fresh rice, vinegar ... cook together. Use wine to marinate the seafood, fish before frying, grilling or frying fish before let marinate with a little milk to soften the smell before frying.

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